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About D. Brown and The Complete Player Baseball Instruction

D. Brown is a seasoned veteran with 27 years of Professional Baseball experience. 10 years as a player in the Atlanta Braves & Chicago Cubs Organization and 17 drafts as a Scouting Supervisor for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Toronto BlueJays & Detroit Tigers. 

Pitching expertise was learned in the Atlanta Braves Organization under Leo Mazzone, Larry Rothschild, Jerry Nyman to name a few. Also under the Chicago Cubs by the likes of Alan Dunn, Rick Tronerud & Lester Strode. 


Fun Fact: D. Brown was a part of two no hitters with flame thrower Kerry Wood in 1996.

D. Brown was Drafted 33rd RD in 1992 by the Houston Astros as a Centerfielder and then again in the 23rd RD in 1993 by the Atlanta Braves. 

Please note: My information and experiences hold value to my resume. The fact that I don’t live in the area and split my time between Saratoga and Rancho Cordova, Ca my time is extremely valuable. My efforts contribute to my Lodging, meals, transportation, facility rental and being away from my family 3-4 days a week. I prefer to hold group sessions of 2-4 players for lessons.

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